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LMC Renovation News & FAQ

(Update April 14, 2017)
It is finally happening: the PC lab renovation project is ON. The construction phase will begin promptly on May 1, 2017 and continue through the summer months. Our entire center -- the PC lab and the Mac lab, and the staff area -- will be closed during this time. We have some alternative plans in place in order to continue to serve summer classes: please see below.

Impact on LMC Summer Operation

  • When?
    Our G17 center will be closed for the entire summer months. We may be able to re-open late August, but there is no guarantee.
  • Will I still be able to use the Mac lab?
    Not OUR Mac lab, which will also be closed to accommodate construction. But we have secured an alternative Mac lab at CL 435. See below for details.
  • What about summer language courses?
    We have an alternative support plan in place: please see the next section.
  • Where can we find you?
    The LMC staff will temporarily relocate to 2801 CL, on the 28th floor.

Checkout equipment

We will continue to operate our checkout equipment service, but out of our temporary office space on the 28th floor (2801 CL). All of our standard checkout items will be available; please reserve them through our usual reservation calendar.

  • Laptops, Flipcams, video cameras, portable projector and screen,
  • Cables, adapters, and all of our standard check out items!

Language Class Support During Construction

We have the following alternative support plan for summer classes.

  • Alternative lab classroom: CL 435 (Mac)

    CL 435, the Digital Media Lab, is available for language instructors to use. You can reserve it through our usual LMC reservation calendar: please reserve the Mac lab. Our staff will provide necessary assistance: LaShanda Lemmon (Day time until 3:45pm) and Frank Gyarteng (3:45pm -- 8pm) will meet you at the lab to let the class in and help you set up. The lab has 20+ Mac desktops, which are equipped with built-in cameras but without headsets, which the LMC staff can deliver. Also, please note printing will only be available through Pitt's self-printing system.

  • Alternative lab classroom: CL G27 (PC)

    Cathedral G27 is another lab space, which has 25 PC stations. CSSD is in charge of G27, therefore reservations must be made through them, via this web submission link. The stations do not have webcams or headsets. While our staff cannot assist with the reservation process, we can help by delivering them should you need them (see the next section). Also, please note printing will only be available through Pitt's self-printing system.

  • Headphones, webcams and other equipment
    These alternative computer labs do not have headphones or sometimes webcams. Once you have reserved a lab space, the LMC staff can deliver and set up headphones and webcams before your class comes in. Please contact our staff for assistance.

The New PC Lab

In the fall, we will open back up with the following new exciting features in the PC lab:

  • The entire PC lab space will undergo comprehensive remodeling: the poles will be removed, and the wiring will be routed through a raised floor.
  • The ramp area will be removed and a chair lift will be installed.
  • A projector screen will be placed roughly where the current screen is.
  • A TV on a mobile trolley will work as a secondary screen.
  • There will be 7 desk pods with 28 PC stations, with some sitting areas along the sides.
  • Wireless screen casting and other classroom technologies will be implemented.

Concerns? Suggestions?

If you are concerned about your summer language courses, please come talk to us (Na-Rae or LaShanda)! While getting a brand-new lab is an exciting event, we regret the inconvenience this may cause to our clients, and we would love to work with you to minimize disruption and find good solutions that will work for you and your class.


We will post updates on this page -- please check back!

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