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LMC Renovation News & FAQ

(Update July 18, 2016)
It's been decided: the PC lab reconstruction will wait until next summer. It will begin promptly in May of 2017 and continue through the summer months.

The decision was made in order to minimize disruption of service: starting construction this July would have kept the two labs out of use for much of the fall semester, typically the busiest time for our clients.

Our center will continue with normal operation until next summer. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to serving you.

The PC Lab Renovation

A newly renovated PC lab is coming next summer. Here are some exciting details:

  • The entire PC lab space will undergo comprehensive remodeling: the poles will be removed, and the wiring will be routed through a raised floor.
  • The ramp area will be removed and a chair lift will be installed.
  • A projector screen will be placed roughly where the current screen is.
  • A TV on a mobile trolley will work as a secondary screen.
  • There will be 7 desk pods with 28 PC stations, with some sitting areas along the sides.
  • Wireless screen casting and other classroom technologies will be implemented.

Impact on LMC Summer Operation

  • When?
    Unfortunately, "some time during this summer" is as specific as the information gets for now. It could be as early as June, or it could be later in the summer through August.
  • Will the labs be closed during construction?
    The PC lab obviously will not be usable at all during the construction phase, but the Mac lab may also have to be closed due to noise. It may be allowed to stay open -- we are not sure.
  • What about summer language courses?
    This will obviously affect summer language classes. Please see the next section on how the LMC can still help.

Language Class Support During Construction

We have a contingency plan to continue to support the language classes if the construction occurs while the summer courses are in session.

  • Alternative lab classrooms
    We are looking into recommending a couple of alternative lab classrooms for the summer. Cathedral G27 is a possibility, which has 25 PC stations. CSSD is in charge of G27, and reservations are done via this web submission link.
  • Headphones, webcams and other equipment
    These computer labs, however, do not have headphones or sometimes webcams. Once you have reserved such a lab, the LMC staff can deliver and set up headphones and webcams before your class comes in.
  • Other checkout equipment
    The current plan is to continue to operate our checkout equipment service.

Concerns? Suggestions?

If you are concerned about your summer language courses, please come talk to us (Na-Rae or LaShanda)! While getting a brand-new lab is an exciting event, we regret the inconvenience this may cause to our clients, and we would love to work with you to minimize disruption and find good solutions that will work for you and your class.


We will post updates on this page -- please check back!

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